Why Web & Sales?

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Why Web & Sales?

Web & Sales is the marketing platform for local businesses. We are equipped to help   to help small business owners to spread word of mouth for their business, extend their customer service, and develop an online clientele.

We offer a “we build It Service” as well as a “Do It Yourself” and a service for your design teams. In other words, we have something for any of the media and social media platforms that matter most to your customers. Focus on what you do best and leave Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and more to us.

We also offer:

Great Designs

Sit back and let our designers design your website and online store.


Give your website the reliable, high-performance home it deserves.


Create a unique and professional email address based on your domain.


Register your domain with us and receive everything you need to get online.

Website Security

Detect and remove malware, malware scan and removal.

Website Backup

Recommended for documents, files, music and multimedia

Email Marketing

Operate like savvy marketers with growing mailing lists.


Bring more traffic to your website with Search Engine Optimization.

Shopping Cart (Ecommerce)

Everything you need to open your own online store.


Everything you need to open your own online store.

Online Storage

The better way to back up, store, and share your files.

Word Press

For small business and bloggers on the way up with security features


Stay organized wherever you are — at home, in the office or on the road.

……and Much More

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